One of our team had this problem.
He'd created this WordPress blog, (the top part of which is shown below,) but he wanted to completley rewrite what was appearing on the right hand side - called the "Site Identity."
How was he to do it? He knows a fair bit about technology, but he didn't know, and he knew it would take him a fair bit of time to work it out.
How much would he have been prepared to pay for the answer?
Before he decided to try and work it out for himself he'd emailed about 8 of the consultants on the Nearby Nerds website offering $100 for the answer, and not one of them had even acknowledged his email!
(Quite frequently we get emails from people and organisations based in India offering to do all sorts of good things for us in technology, and we always email them back asking if they have a service of answering our questions - and they never answer our emails either. Not a good look for the Indians, we would have thought.)
Eventually he worked it out himself, but it did take a fair bit of time.
And he decided to write up the answer in case he was ever asked the question - or, more importantly, he wanted to do it himself again in six months time and he'd forgotten how he did it.
He's what he wrote up - link
As usual with these things, it was quite simple - it would have taken no time at all for anyone familiar with this area to provide the answer.
So it's a matter of matching up people with questions with people familiar with the area.
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Created: 16 Feb 2016