Our experience is that we are always coming up against questions we have to do with technology, and not having answers to them holds us back in what we're doing. And we just don't have the time and/or the knowledge to come up with the answers.
To us there's a need for PEOPLE we can email these questions to, who will email us back great answers.
It would be an alternative to doing the research using Google, forums etc. ourselves.
Is there such a need?
We can't believe there isn't.
An example of what we're talking about - link.
But, if there is such a need, we can't find any indications that it's being met yet.
Is there anyone on the planet to whom we can email our technology questions to, and get great answers back that we can follow?
We're not talking here about being referred to Frequently Answered Questions, or to discussion forums, or anything like that - we're talking about specific answers to specific questions that we can follow step by step.
Are there PEOPLE out there who can provide answers themselves, or who can direct us to other PEOPLE who can provide the answers, and who are interested in doing this, for financial or other reasons?
(We have emphasised PEOPLE, because, in a sense, this is all about PEOPLE.)
Are there such people?
So far, we haven't had any success in finding any - perhaps they're out there and we haven't found them yet. We'll keep looking, so that, if we find any, we and our readers can make use of them.
In saying this, we've always had our blogs and websites hosted by Tiger Technologies, and, over the years, we've asked them SO many questions and they've always answered them SO well in the way I've described - but, of course, they have been on a fairly limited range of subjects.
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